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How to Put / Add Adsense Ads Below Post Title in Blogger

 Infokita - Do you want to know that how to put Google Adsense Ads below post title in blogger blogspot? If your answer is �yes� then this article will surely solve your problem. In this post I will mention simple and easy ways so read this entire post.
Google adsense is one of the best CPC advertising network that pays high rates to its regular users. It is not so hard to get Google Adsense Account in Pakistan, thus you have to write quality and unique content in your blog then you do not worry about it, you will surely get your account. But after approving Adsense Account you have to put Google Ads on specific places like inside the post and below post titles where it could get high cpc and cpm rates. Not every blogger know that how to put ads, so today I wrote a fully detailed post about adding Adsense Ads under post title in blogger.

 How to Add Adsense Ads Below Post Title in Blogspot / Blogger

Before showing Adsense ads below page title in blogger you have to prepare ad code unit, so first we will create an ad unit with desired size.

1. First visit Google adsense login page and create a new ad unit
2. For obtaining best results, you should choose a wider size such as 300x250 Medium Rectangle or 336x250 Large Rectangle format. These formats gives your visitors best attraction and pays you good rates. But before done you have to assign ad settings according to your website template.
3. When you complete all the above process then hit on create button and get your ad code.
4. Copy that code and paste it in our HTML Parser Tool that converts the special code genuinely into compatible html entitles and click on hit button. You have to convert because without this ad will not show on your blog.
5. Now copy the converted code.

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